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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help complete this Writers' Block with kids around the world. Read where the story is going and send in what you think should happen next.

Granny's Blue Suede Shoes

Another perfectly sunny day and we were on our way to Granny’s house. I loved my Granny a bunch, but there was never any thing to do at her house besides play board games with her and my younger brother, Shawn. After Shawn and I got settled into our room, I challenged him to a game of hide-and-go -seek. “Twenty-seven, twenty- eight, twenty-nine, thirty... ready or not here I come,” I shouted as I opened the door to Granny’s bedroom. I stood still and heard faint breathing coming from the closet. I opened the closet doors and saw a huge trunk in the corner with Granny’s knick-knacks strewn all over the floor. I lifted the top of the trunk and there he was, curled up with his eyes squeezed shut and his lips pressed tightly together as if he was concentrating on making himself invisible. I bent over and tickled him until he was out of breath from giggling. “It’s your turn, Shelly,” he said, tugging on my braids. I told him I would hide right after we put everything on the floor back into the trunk. When we were finished packing, I was about to close the closet doors when I spotted an beat-up pair of blue suede shoes on the side of the trunk. I reached down and when I picked them up, they felt magical in my hands. My fingers began to tingle and I began to hear music in my ears. It was the same kind of music Granny would play in the living room when she sat in her favorite chair and tapped her feet. I placed my hands inside of the shoes and hit the soles against each other…bip- bop beep beep bip-pi-ty bop. The rhythm of the music was blaring in my ears so loud that I didn’t hear Granny calling for me to come eat…

Age 9

"Shelly, oh Shelly!" Granny called again and again. I kept on tapping and humming, and I didn't realize that the room was getting fuzzier by the moment. Suddenly, I wasn't even in the room anymore, I was in a large ballroom with hundreds of people.....

Age 10

who were dancing and having a good time! I never saw a place so full of people before. It was amazing!

Age 8

I really wanted to dance along with them, but I wasn't sure I was invited. Then I saw something that made me dance along with them, my best friend Maddie! She swayed along in a fluffy pink dress--wearing granny's shoes... Wait, she was granny!

Age 7
Auburn, Maine

"Granny," I shouted, "What is this place?" Granny replied, "It's a magical place where everyone comes to dance. Come join me and let your feet feel the music." My feet started moving to the rythm of the music

Age 6
Hatfield, PA

and I was surprised at how good I could dance. We danced for a while and then I wondered how would I get back to Granny's house. So I went in search for a secret passage.

Age 15
Tampa, FL

Suddenly, everything was swirling again. I was soon back in the room, facing Granny, who had her hands on her hips. I looked at her like a puppy caught chewing a rug. "Hungry?" she asked. "Oh, uh, sure." I looked down at the shoes. "What are these?" I asked Granny. "Ah," she said as a smile creased across Granny's face. "You wouldn't guess it, but I used to be the 'dancing queen' back in my days. But, you should put those things back. They're older than dinosaurs, and I know they're about to fall apart...say! They're as good as new! Must be something special about them..." "They are special Granny, very special. I just went, and I saw... and there was you but Maddie was you, and the dresses, and people..." I trailed off when I noticed Granny and Shawn staring at me. "Hmmm, maybe a bit too hungry," Granny concluded. "Got to get you some food before you come up with any more tales!"

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