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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image This summer, Writers’ Blocks will feature a 3-part series starring Max, Aniesha, and Connor—three athletes who are traveling to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. First up is Max's story. So read where the story is going and send in what you think should happen next.

The "Olympic-hood" of the Traveling Athletes: Part I

Prologue Maximillian Wu, Aleisha Davis, and Connor Ford are best friends, have been since they were in diapers. When they aren’t in school or sleeping, they can usually be found hanging out together: playing Max’s Nintendo Wii, sharing ghost stories in Aleisha’s treehouse, or diving into Connor’s backyard swimming pool. But the “MAC Trio,” as they like to call themselves, aren’t just great friends. They’re also great athletes who live, eat, and breathe sports. Max is the star forward of his soccer team, Aleisha is a champion tennis player, and Connor is such a fast swimmer that his teammates nicknamed him Bullet. In fact, they’re so good at their respective sports that each of them qualified to compete in the Summer Olympics this year! Part I: Maximillian “Uggh, I don’t feel so hot,” Max murmured, while holding his head between his legs. Boy did he hate flying, especially when turbulence caused the plane to bounce and shake like a yo-yo. But it was the most logical way to get to China, where he would be competing in his first Olympic games. “Just breathe, man,” said Brandon, one of Max’s teammates. “The pilot said we’ll be landing soon.” Brandon and Max had fast become friends not long after they both qualified for the U.S. men’s soccer team. Although they played on different parts of the field, they were equally in awe of the other’s skills. Brandon was a solid goalie whose nickname was “The Wall,” because he blocked speedy soccer balls with a vengeance. And Max, as the team’s striker, moved as quick as lightning as he dribbled the ball down the field before torpedoing it past the opposing team’s goalie and into the goal. Less than an hour later, the plane finally landed in Beijing. Max stumbled off of the plane, then playfully fell to the floor and pretended to kiss the ground. “Wu, will you get off the floor,” Coach Green said, impatiently. Coach Green was the tallest, biggest, and meanest coach Max had ever had. But he was also the best soccer coach in America.

Age 9

After Coach Green told Max to get off the floor, the team took a bus to the hotel. Coach Green said,''two people to a room.'' Max and Brandon smiled at each other. Then they frownec when the coach put Max and Freddie together. Freddie was the water boy and nerdiest guy on the team. They went to their room; it was better than they had imaganed. "Oh...my!" said Max. "Sweet," said Freddie. Soon it was 7:00 p.m and Coach Green told them to get a good night's sleep.

Age 10

The next morning, Max and Brandon get on the bus for their first Olympic soccer practice. They are so excited. Once they got there, the team ran on the field and they all started doing the drills they did at home. "Hold on," yelled Coach Green."We are going to practice ONE way and only ONE way! You all do what I say. Partner up!Now, kick theball in the air to each other at least 50 times. If it touches the ground, start over!" They all hurried up and got into groups. Brandon and Max finished first. Next, Brandon had to get in the goal and Max had to practice his corner kicking. "It's one of the few places you can make a goal while playing against France," Coach told him. After practice, the team went out to dinner (Chinese, of course) before the big game the next day. They went to a place called Buffet City and stayed until really late, around 11:00 pm. When they noticed how late it was, they raced back to the hotel to get back in time for their curfew. They got there just in time at exactly 11:3O. Then theyy all went in thier rooms and went to sleep.

Age 11
Brooklyn Park

The next day was the big game and everyone was excited. The team got on the bus and went to the stadium. It was so big and so many people were there. They got in their places and got ready. Max went up and kicked the ball hard and went racing after it for the first point. He kicked really hard even the goalie had a hard time blocking the ball. "Yes 1-0!" shouted Max. The crowd gave a big Woo-hoo. Then Max and his team got ready for the next kick. The other team went up speedy fast and kicked the ball...

Age 11

Directly into the net!!! The crowd gasped. The game continued and Max watched in horror as the other team got point after point. Soon, it was 5 to 1 and there was only a few minutes left to finish the game. Urged on by the crowd's screams, Max and his teammates suddenly burst into an amazing play of soccer. They scored four points and were tied with the other team. Then, right as the whistle that signaled the end of the game blew, the ball was kicked into the goal. The crowd peered through their binoculars to try to be the first one to figure out who the Olympic champions were. Then an excited voice rang out, "They did it!! Team USA has won!"

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