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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Read the following holiday story.

The Unusual Holiday Tree

This was our first holiday since we moved from Maine to Arizona. We were all looking forward to our to winter holiday. One night, Dad came home and yelled to us from the driveway, "I'm home! I got the holiday tree." As we went outside to see the tree, we were surprised. This wasn t the usual evergreen tree. Dad brought home a prickly cactus and a brown, spindly tumbleweed. Mom looked stunned. I know this is unusual," Dad said, "but I have an idea for a different kind of holiday this to year." So next we…

Chelsea V.
Age 15
San Antonio, Texas
United States

We all gathered in the living room and placed the cactus on the coffee table. "Dad, it's Christmas. I want a tree," I insisted. I looked at Mom, who was still staring at the the cactus. "It's kinda nice," Mom said. My mouth dropped. " Are you serious?," I blurted out. I walked towards it. "It's SO Arizona!," I replied just glaring at the ceramic pot. Then Dad reminded me that we just moved here and our family was on a tight budget so this was all we could afford. So I said, "Ok. Ok. But next year we're getting a real tree."

Age 7
Wichita, KS

I saw something very capricious. The cactus tree was gone! The tree was actually gone! I screamed so loud that I woke my parents up. They almost fell over each other because they were moving so fast down the stairs. As soon as they saw what had taken place, they started to fret. "Who did this?" yelled Mom. Dad yelled, "Somebody stole our nice Christmas tree!" And then...

Chelsea T.
Age 9
Royersford, PA

I noticed something curious. It was a tiny piece of paper, and it had my name on it. The paper had a clue written on it. The clue said, "If you want your tree back, get a great big sack. Go to the door and drive to the store..." I looked at my mom and said, "Read this note!" She read the note and exclaimed, "Let's go!" And then we...

Age 7
Wichita, KS

We got into the car and zoomed off! When we arrived at the store we saw a room full of trees. There were huge trees, tiny trees and even a giraffe-sized tree. And then we saw our special cactus tree. It was sitting on a table surrounded by chairs with our names on them. The room also had a lot of other people whose unusual trees had been taken from their homes. "They lured us here," said Mom. "Those rascals," said Dad. "It's a special holiday party for us," said my little sister. I was so excited! Then I noticed that all the people who were there were...

Age 11
Waycross, GA

They were all of our old friends from our old home. We had missed them very much, and they came all the way here to share Christmas with us as a surprise. We all were so happy. It was a great holiday.

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