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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Read the following story about a classroom full of kitties on Valentine's Day.

A Different Kind of Valentine

Madeline was feeling very shy. The children in her class were passing out their Valentine's Day cards to each other. Earlier in the week, Madeline thought it would be a good idea to give all the kids something different than the normal valentines - something unusual. But now she wasn't sure if the kids would like what she brought. "Okay," she thought, "it is time to be brave." Then she reached into the bag and pulled out...

Rebecca P.
Age 9
Dublin, VA

kittens! Madeline had brought all the kids in her class small kittens. She was so afraid that the kids would be mad at her. But all the kids screamed with glee when they saw the kittens. The girls all wanted the white and yellow kittens, and the boys wanted the black and brown and grey kittens. The only problem was...

Ciera H.
Age 9
Arlington Heights, IL

The kittens were creating all sorts of problems. They were running all over the classroom. They were using the teacher's desk as a scratching post. Madeline's face turned red. She was so embarrased. She thought everyone would think what a terrible job she did with bringing those kittens. The kids were all running through the class trying to catch kittens. The teacher had that look on her face that she usually gets when someone is in big trouble. What happened next could only be described as a ...

Minore Amanda Q.
Age 9
San Juan, Texas

incredible day, but the teacher got a creepy look on her face.The teacher was as mad as a gorilla with no banana. Then she saw the kittens go in the hall. She started growling as loud as a bear. Madeline was frightened and...

Devon H.
Age 7
Hillman, MI

She began to cry and sob, "boo-hoo, boo-hoohoo, boo-hoo." The crying seemed to catch the attention of the mischievous kittens. They started to poke their heads out from doors in the hall, trash cans, children's boots lined up in the hallway, and even under desks in the classroom. Because of the crying, they began to return to the classroom one by one. Then the growling teacher said...

Isra H.
Age 8
Lincoln, RI

"Halt!, It's enough. Let's try to solve the problem." The teacher and the kids decided to talk to the principal who was already at the door. The principal was so speechless to see the mess all over. All of the kids started cleaning up. After a few minutes, the classroom and the hallway were all cleaned. "Happy Valentines Day, kids, and cute Kittens" were the only words came out of the principal's mouth. Then they all decided to send the kittens to the animal shelter to find nice homes. Finally some of the parents decided to keep the kittens in their homes. Then everyone thanked Madeline for such a different kind of Valentine's Day gift. The End.

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