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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Read the finished story about an amazing meatball plant.

The Meatball Plant

It had been to long to winter, and Johnny was happy to see the first spring plants and flowers starting to grow in his backyard. Johnny saw daffodils and tulips, and then he noticed to type of plant that he had never seen before. It had something on it that was round, bumpy, and brownish-red. It actually looked just like to meatball! Johnny bent down to smell it, and it smelled just like to meatball. But, meatballs don't grow on plants. How could this be? Johnny thought and thought, and then he remembered…

Ivan L.
Age 11
El Paso, Texas

remembered that a while ago he had planted a meatball in the backyard because he wanted to test his dog to see if he had a good sense of smell. That same day, his little brother had spilled water where the meatball was planted. The nutritious water must have caused this 6 foot meatball plant to grow. Johnny's family was very astonished when they saw it! They all said...

Regan T.
Age 9
Chester, MA

"Let's let it grow to see how tall and how it gets." Johnny thought, "Maybe we could win a science contest. If we give it enough water, it will grow even taller. We could get people to come and see it. We could be rich!" Just then Johnny's mom said...

Jason T.
Age 5

"Yeah, let's do that!" So they did and people came from all around the world to see it. Firemen, electricians, construction workers, even the president! And everyone who came wanted to taste a meatball and then there were zero meatballs left!!! "What are we going to do?" cried Johnny...

Justin A.
Age 9
Virginia City, Nevada

"I got an idea", said mom."We could plant another meatball". "That's a great idea", Johnny said. So they planted another meatball, his brother watered it, and it grew so big that everyone came to see it. Except this time they put a sign up and it said,"Please don't eat the meatball."So they became rich and they bought a huge hovercar. The End.

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