Reading Is Fundamental


Read for Success Combats the Summer Learning Slide

Addressing the Slide

“Summer learning loss prevents many young people from learning how to read, contributing to the $225 billion annual cost of illiteracy in this country. Providing high-quality summer learning opportunities for all young people is both a moral and economic imperative we can no longer afford to ignore.” 

Sarah Pitcock, CEO, National Summer Learning Association

There is a silent crisis in America that affects millions of children each summer – it’s called the summer learning slide – where students lose some of the important skills they just acquired over the school year. All children are at risk however this is especially true for children from low-income families.

Summer learning loss poses a real threat to a student’s academic success and ability to function later on in life.


Kids who don’t read over the summer risk losing up to three months of reading skills they learned during the school year. If not addressed, children may lose as much as three years of reading comprehension by the 5th grade.  And summer is the worst time to lose motivation, especially for kids without books.

RIF’s Read for Success program intervention is proven to combat the summer learning slide and help even the poorest of readers improve their reading ability.

RIF also has summer learning resources for families to make reading fun all summer long. Learn more