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In 2010, US Airways and RIF joined forces again for the “Fly with US. Read with Kids.®” campaign. The US Airways-sponsored Read With Kids Challenge encourages parents to spend time reading with their children. In 2008, more than 3 million minutes were logged. This year, RIF and US Airways were thrilled to engage more than 7,000 participants, who logged a record-breaking 10 million minutes read with children.

In addition to the Read With Kids Challenge, US Airways invited their Dividend Miles Members to join the company's efforts to support RIF’s mission and make a donation to RIF. As thanks for their members' generosity, US Airways rewarded donations with additional Dividend Miles. Members responded instantly and generously. In just one day, RIF received more than $20,000 through this online campaign—the single largest day of online giving in RIF’s history. In total, this donation campaign raised more than $92,000 for RIF.

US Airways also chose to renew its support of seven RIF programs across the country, investing funds and "Do Crew" volunteer hours at local RIF programs. US Airways’ commitment to raising awareness of the importance of children’s literacy has helped introduce RIF to new audiences, elevating our mission of motivating children to read to increasingly higher heights each year.

US Airways is a member of RIF's Million Dollar Circle.

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