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Children's Letter Writing Drive

Every day the RIF national office receives many letters and pictures from program coordinators, volunteers, and RIF children. It is important that your members of Congress also see and read these letters! Sharing these letters helps builds support for RIF on Capitol Hill. When sending your package of letters to RIF, make sure to include the RIF Children's Letter cover page.

Starting a children's letter writing drive is easy. Below are a few tips to help you get started.

What instructions do the children need to write their letters?

  • Ask each child to write a letter to their members of Congress, explaining that legislators decide how much money to give each year to buy RIF books for them. Tip: Do not have the children date their letters.
  • Identify your Senators and Representatives and have the children address their letters using the congressmen/women's specific title and last name (e.g., Dear Senator Stevens or Dear Rep. Brown). Tip: Letters addressed to "Dear RIF," "Dear Federal Government" or "Dear Senator" will not be read.
  • Encourage the children to write about why reading is important to them, why they picked a particular book, what they learned after reading their RIF books, how RIF helps them with reading, etc.
  • Children should feel free to include the name of their school, class, and teacher. The children should also write/sign their names at the end of the letter.

What materials and information do the children need to write their letters?

  • Pens and paper. Download our formatted Congress-themed template and print it out on regular copy paper. Tip: Your children can make their own templates, but don't use construction paper.
  • The names and titles of both state Senators and the Representative for your district, which you should display on the board or overhead for children to see.

How do we make sure the letters are read by Congressional offices?

  • Do not provide a script. If every child writes the same thing, the letters will not be read by Congressional staff members. Tip: Don't worry about perfect grammar or spelling.
  • Include a short note from you for each member of Congress receiving children's letters (please use your school or organization's letterhead when possible). Tip: Invite your members of Congress to be guest readers at your next RIF distribution and encourage them to continue to support RIF’s funding.

Where do we send the letters once they have been collected?

Send the letters and RIF Children's Letter cover page to RIF's Outreach Coordinators. RIF staff will deliver the letters to Congress to ensure that they are received in a timely manner and are not damaged during the screening process.

Mail to:
c/o Outreach Coordinators (NOTE: Include your RIF account number here)
Reading Is Fundamental
1730 Rhode Island Ave. NW
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20036

Children's Letter Writing Drive