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Reading Every Minute


For beginning readers, have the courage of one hour of reading under his belt is an achievement. To recognize, create a paper clock face.
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Materials: paper plate or cardboard, a round object to trace around, ruler or protractor, markers, pencils.

Use a paper plate or trace a round object on a sheet of cardboard and cut out the figure. (Your children may want to try this part alone.) Use your protractor or ruler to divide the area into segments of five minutes each, then draw the twelve points (hours) around the perimeter with a black marker. Ask your children to write their names in the center. Every afternoon, or at a designated time, ask each of your children to choose a book to read for five minutes. Observe a real clock to keep track of the time. Once they have finished reading, let each child color a segment of their clock. If desired, you can reward your children after they complete a whole hour of reading, perhaps with some stickers, a new reading book for beginners, or stop watches to keep track of the time they read. When you feel the children are ready, expand the reading segments from five to ten minutes. When they have enough practice, your children will soon read with the precision of a watch!


Reading Every Minute