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Go-Together Gifts


Nothing motivates reading like a gift that arrives with a companion-a book.
  • The RIF Guide to Encouraging Young Readers
  • Celebrations and Holidays
    • 1-2
    • 3-5
  • Minimal
  • Indoor
  • Play

MATERIALS: Gift and related book, gift wrap

Children will enjoy creating go-together gifts for their friends and family as well as receiving them from you. Sometimes the gift will inspire the book, but if you're stuck for ideas, try looking the other way around. Settle on a good how-to book and find a gift to go with it. Here are some gifts and books that go together well: * A book on juggling and several bright balls. * A book about fossils and a bag of plaster of paris. * A book about hats and a straw hat with materials for decorating. * A cookbook and an apron or utensils. * A book about baseball and a bat or ball. * A book about stamp collecting and a stamp album. * A book about rubber stamps, a few special stamps, and an ink pad. * A gardening book and a basket of assorted seeds. * A house repair book and a new hammer. * A nature book and a magnifying glass. * An astronomy book and a star chart. * A jump-rope jingle book and a jump rope. * A book about cars and trucks and a few miniature vehicles. * A story about camping and a small canteen. Of course the list can go on forever, but that's because there are books about anything and everything. You and your children are the best judges of what kinds of books and activities will appeal to most to the people on your list.

Go-Together Gifts