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Almond, Butter Pecan, Chocolate


On a blistering hot summer day, think ice cream! With your children, fantasize about the long list of flavors on the board at your local ice cream parlor. How do they keep track of so many flavors? Alphabetical order!
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MATERIALS: Paper and pencil

Pretend you're the proprietors of an ice cream store. Get out your pad of paper and encourage your children to think of all the flavors of ice cream they can. List the flavors in the order they come up with them. Then turn over the list to your children to alphabetize. You might have to show a younger child how to alphabetize by the second or third letters if your list includes peach, peppermint, and pistachio. When all the flavors are in the right order, choose your favorites, head out to the ice cream store, and splurge!

Almond, Butter Pecan, Chocolate