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Around the World in an Essay


Let imaginations go anywhere as kids think about their dream vacations.
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If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? Would you go shopping in fancy boutiques, climb a mountain, lie on a beach, or discover exotic animals? Think about what your dream vacation would be. It might not be realistic for you to actually go right now, but you can still imagine. Using the Internet, find out more about your dream vacation. Decide if you'd go with a big group or by yourself, spend your savings or have a budget, stay in fancy hotels or go camping, etc. After you've done some research, write about your dream vacation. Write why you want to go to this location, and what you want to see. Describe how you'd spend your days and what your priorities would be. Would you go when you're the age you are now? Or would you wait until you were old? Would you spend a week there, or live there for six months? Feel free to get creative, but make sure you're writing about a trip that could really happen. (For example: Don't plan to see all of Paris in a day, or go to Spain one day and Asia the next.) To get your ideas going, there are five sample vacation destinations below. You can also think of a location on your own. Using your idea or one of the samples, learn what it would really take to make it happen. Write out an itinerary (game plan) for each day. Decide what you'll eat, what you'll see, and how you'll get there. Decide if you want to stay in a resort that has most things (like food and activities) included, or if you'd rather go to a different area and explore each day. Don't worry too much about money -- this is a dream, after all. Who knows? With enough planning and saving, you might actually get to go someday. As you're planning, keep these things in mind: Travel time (depends where you're coming from) Eating (3 meals a day, plus snacks) Sleeping 8 hours Walking/driving/cabs (depends which hotel you're staying at, and how far things are from each other) Time change (depends where you live now) Answer these questions: What will you need to bring? What will you have to learn about before you go? How many people will you bring with you? What sights do you want to see? Will you travel by car, train, bike, bus, airplane, or walk? What will you have to do differently than you do at home? Is there anything to be cautious of? Why did you pick this trip? Now that you know more, is this somewhere you'd really like to go? Sample destinations: African safari Parisian shopping spree Australian outback adventure Tropical cruise American road trip Tips: Use these sites to get started, but you can find more on your own. www.planetfinder.com www.expedia.com www.travelzoo.com www.discovery.com
Around the World in an Essay