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Book Buddies


Form a partnership with your beginning reader and spend fifteen to twenty minutes a day reading with the child, but not to the child. (This is what makes you a reading partner rather than a story reader.)
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Here are a couple of techniques that can help strengthen your reading partnership:

Reading with echo—Read a sentence from a book, then ask your child (reading partner) to read the same sentence to you. This technique encourages children to read with expression and confidence.

Buddy System—Read a sentence, a paragraph, or a page. Next, ask your reading partner to read the next sentence, the following paragraph, or page.

Continue these reading techniques until you and your reading partner have become more comfortable reading together. Later, you and your reading partner can move from books with pictures and little text, to books with short chapters, such as the Little Bear and Frog and Toad series of books.


Book Buddies