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Climb the Beanstalk


Show children how they can achieve great heights by reading: Give them a beanstalk to climb, just like Jack's.
  • The RIF Guide to Encouraging Young Readers.
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    • 9-12
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  • Indoor
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MATERIALS: Roll of green crepe paper, long green ribbon (or long strand of green yarn), masking tape, green construction paper, scissors, envelope, cellophane tape.

Tape a strip of green crepe paper from the floor to the ceiling. Have the kids cut lots of green leaves out of construction paper. Store the leaves in an envelope in an easy to reach place. For every book children read (or books you read aloud to them), they write the book title and author's name on a leaf and add it to their beanstalk, beginning a few inches above the floor and working their way toward the ceiling. By the time they're halfway to the top, they may need a stepladder and your supervision to tape on their leaves. How long does it take for kid's leaves to reach the top? You might want to write dates on each leaf.

Climb the Beanstalk