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Ideas for Summer Break


Try these boredom-busters during your summer break.
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Here are ideas to try during your summer vacation.

Go to the library and sign up for the summer reading club. Search for something tiny enough to fit in your pocket and make up a story about it. Read a book to a younger child. Press some flowers between the pages of your book for somebody else to find. Trade books with your best friend. Write a letter to your grandmother about what you did this week. Make a crayon rubbing of an object you find outside. Make a map of your yard. Label the patio, trees, swing set, and so on. Cut out words from the newspaper. Send someone a mysterious, but happy message. Trace an illustration in one of your brothers favorite books. Give him the picture to color. Find an unusual fact in today's newspaper and share it with us at dinner. Make up a new fruit. Describe its flavor, texture, and appearance. Start a reading marathon. See if you can read all the books written by your favorite author, by the end of the summer. How many out-of-state license plates did you see today? Read the most exciting paragraph in your book to the rest of the family. Try to persuade someone else to read it. Write the four food groups at the top of a piece of paper. Look in the refrigerator. List all of the foods you find under the correct heading. Write the number words from one to twenty. Find a long word on the cereal box. Can you find smaller words inside the big word? What is the tiniest sound you can think of? Write a poem about it. Write all the words you can think of that sound like the noise they describe: crash, squeak, gurgle, etc. Look up the word onomatopoeia in the dictionary. School begins soon. Make a list of the supplies you need, then lets go shopping. Today is Choosing Day. Choose your favorite activity from this months calendar and do it again.

Ideas for Summer Break