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Internet Scavenger Hunt


Go on a scavenger hunt online to find animals and foods from different countries!
  • Reading Is Fundamental
  • Arts and Crafts, Cultural Heritage, Family Time, Games, Online
    • 1-2
    • 3-5
    • 6-8
  • Multiple
  • Indoor, Outdoor
  • Play

Using search engines (like Google.com, yahoo.com, infoplease.com, and others), find pictures of the items listed below. You don't have to download the photos. Just let your child see what each of these items looks like. Next, find out which country each item originates from (there may be more than one answer). Make a list of everything you find and its home country. (Answer key below) Kangaroo, Zebra, Elephant, Tamales, Warthog, Coconut, Plantain, Polar bear, Koalas, Pandas, Tigers, Crpes

Answer Key: Australia, Africa, Africa or Asia, Mexico, Africa, Tropical islands, Spain or France, Arctic, North America, Australia, China, Myanmar and the Himalayas India & Siberia, China, France

Internet Scavenger Hunt