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Make Reading Aloud Fun for Your Preschooler


Make reading aloud fun for your preschooler by using puppets & dolls.
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Here are a few ideas for making read-aloud time more fun for you and your child: Have a puppet 'read aloud.' The puppet can also turn the pages. Let your child wear a hat or dress-up clothes. Enlarge the audience with your children's favorite dolls and stuffed animals. These polite listeners enjoy stories told by preschoolers, too. Ask a child to 'read' a wordless book to you. Encourage your children to value their books. Provide a shelf, shoebox, basket, or carton with their names on it for safe-keeping. Suggest pasting homemade book-plates inside books to identify their proud owners. If you have an audio cassette player, record a few of your family's read-aloud sessions. Choose books with rhymes or refrains so you can record your youngsters reciting along with you. Hearing their own voices played back gives young children confidence and encourages them to speak.
Make Reading Aloud Fun for Your Preschooler