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Make Your Own Fortune Cookies


Fortune cookies are fun for reading as well as eating. You don't have to go out to a Chinese restaurant to have them; with the help of a parent, you can make 'em and bake 'em right in your own oven, or poke paper fortunes into packaged cookies.
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Materials that you'll need: Homemade fortune cookies or empty fortune cookies, paper, pencil or computer, scissors.

First you'll have to write fortunes or other messages on small slips of paper. These slips are wrapped or poked inside the cookies for the eaters to discover and read. You can comewith all of the fortunes, but here are a few ideas to get started: Book Fortunes. Write fortunes that are meant for the characters in a book. For example, if you are reading Tuck Everlasting, you might write, Beware of the man in the yellow suit.or Tucks own words, You cant have living without dying. Predictions. Serve fortune cookies while you stay up on New Years Eve. The cookies hold your predictions for the new year: Joe will grow two inches. Daddy will shave off his beard. Jenny will finish Gone with the Wind. Fantasy Fortunes. Let your imagination run wild! Create out-of-this-world fortunes that will amaze your friends and family: The rainbow will have an eighth color-ablot-before red. Next month there will be two moons in the sky. Your true love will come to youon a winged dragon. Unfortunate Fortunes. Tease family members with fortunes that read like Murphys Law or that bode bad luck: You will be caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella. You will lose a winning lottery ticket. Be sure toleave a little space between the fortunes asyouprint them on a sheet of paper so you can cut them apart into strips narrow enough to wrap or poke inside a cookie. If your general cookbook doesnt have a recipe for making fortune cookies, two kids activity books do: Steve Caneys Kids America and Gifts of Writing. You can try to find these books in a library or books store, or check the index in a childrens cookbook to find a recipe. Once you have stuffed the fortunes into the cookies, share them with family and friends. Ask them to read their fortunes out loud for everyone to hear.

Make Your Own Fortune Cookies