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Puzzle Grab Bag


Every time your children finish a book or read for a specified number of minutes, let them reach into a bag and pull out a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. How long before they complete the puzzle?
  • The RIF Guide to Encouraging Young Readers.
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MATERIALS: Magazine, cardboard, glue, paper lunch bag

Cut a large full-color picture out of a magazine-something you think will interest them. Brush glue on both the back of the picture and the piece of cardboard, and glue the two together. Trim if necessary, then cut the picture into jigsaw-puzzle pieces. Make the puzzle pieces larger for younger children, smaller for older readers. Following a certain amount of reading, let your children reach into the bag and pull out a puzzle piece. Before long, they will have enough pieces to begin interlocking them, and eventually will complete the puzzle.

Puzzle Grab Bag