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Reading Countdown


Here's the perfect gift idea for a child who's convalescing or who's left behind when parents are away on business or vacation. For every day your child must be in bed or endure your absence, leave a reading gift to be opened.
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MATERIALS: Calendar page for the month, something different to read for each day that will be counted, wrapping paper, cellophane tape, file cards, marker.

Say you will be away from home for a week. Before you leave, take a calendar page and circle the date you depart and the date you return. Beginning with your departure date, number the dates in reverse sequence, beginning with number 7. Next collect seven gifts, preferably things that involve some reading. For example, you might collect a paperback novel, comic book, craft book, sports magazine, model with written directions, cookie recipe and the necessary ingredients, and a T-shirt with a silly slogan. Wrap each gift separately and label with a different number from 1 to 7. Place the gifts in a large bag. When you present the calendar and the gifts to your child, explain that he or she can open a gift a day, the number gift corresponding to the number of days left before you return. Reading gifts will help your youngsters pass the time more valuably as they count down the days till you return.

Reading Countdown