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Shake, Rattle, and Read!


If you can stand the noise, strip up a rhythm band to accompany your read-aloud sessions.
  • The RIF Guide to Encouraging Young Readers.
  • Drama, Music
    • 1-2
    • 3-5
  • Multiple
  • Indoor, Outdoor
  • Play

MATERIALS: Rhythm instruments or any of the following-noisemakers, baby rattles, pots and pans, cereal boxes (with cereal still inside), chopsticks, silverware.

Many good read-aloud books have repeating lines that children enjoy reciting with you. What makes these lines easy to remember is their rhyme and rhythm. Next time you plan to read a book with a refrain, pass out some rhythm instruments -- real instruments, like maracas and rhythm sticks, or household substitutes, like baby rattles and chopsticks. Then while you all recite "Tikki-tikki-tembo, no-sa-rembo, chari-bari-ruchi, pip-peri-pembo," one child shakes a cereal box, another rattles the vitamin jar, and you beat a pot with a spoon. Have your rhythm band rehearse syllables, too. Say a word, then have everybody beat and shout out the syllables with you. Children can accompany the syllables of their own names and the names of other family members (Grand-ma San-dy) and friends.

Shake, Rattle, and Read!