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Tasty Impressions


Children can model their own artistic impressions by creating tasty versions of what they see.
  • Reading Is Fundamental, written by Corrie Fisher
  • Arts and Crafts
    • 1-2
    • 3-5
    • 6-8
  • Multiple
  • Indoor
  • Play

Materials: The Starry Night by Neil Waldman; For icing: 1 lb. powdered sugar; 1 cup butter; 1 tbs. salt; 1 tbs. vanilla milk for consistency (You may also use premixed icing and add food coloring.);Food coloring Sugar cookies or graham crackers;Plastic sandwich bags; Icing tips of different shapes and sizes (if available); Popsicle sticks Waxed paper; Copies of various works by van Gogh Time

Required: 20 minutes

Set Up: Prepare icing by mixing softened butter, sugar, salt, vanilla, and milk until it is the consistency of icing. Divide the icing into 6 containers and add several drops of food coloring to each container to make a rainbow of colors. (If you have extra time this can be easily done by the children who will also enjoy mixing in the food coloring.) Scoop the colored icing into plastic bags. (Before you add the icing, insert an icing tip into the corner of the bag if you have them available.) Release the extra air and fasten the bag so that no icing can escape. Snip off a tiny bit of the corner to allow icing to be squeezed through the hole. Cover tables with waxed paper and set plastic bags of icing in the center of each setting. Prepare enough bags so that there are approximately 1-2 bags per child and that they can access all of the colors easily. Set out cookies or graham crackers for children to paint on. Post several of van Goghs prints around the area to inspire. Tip: There are many calendars that provide inexpensive prints of van Goghs work. Directions: Van Gogh painted in a three-dimensional style by applying thick paint to canvas. Read The Starry Night aloud and talk about the different works of art that van Gogh produced. Tell children that you would like them to create similar masterpieces using icing. Demonstrate how to pipe icing using the baggies by squeezing the full part of the bag in your hand. Allow them to practice on the waxed paper first and show them how mistakes can be scooped up with a Popsicle stick. Then give children a cookie or cracker as their canvas and have them create their own masterpiece like van Gogh. Be sure to share your artwork (and take photos) before gobbling it all up.

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Tasty Impressions