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Travel Maps


When children follow their own homemade maps do not have to ask "Are we there yet?" They themselves have the information they need.
  • Reading Is Fundamental
  • Out and About, Seasonal Activities
    • 9-12
    • teen
  • Minimal
  • Outdoor, Traveling
  • Play

Materials: a map of the county or state (optional), paper, pencil

This idea is useful if you have to drive for 45 minutes or more. Before your trip, draw a simple map of your journey, marking each major town or city that you will pass. You need not take much time making the map. You can help your children draw the map, or can trace a map of the county or state and make the towns and choose the major points selectively. Number each of the major points on the map to help children keep track of the route and number of sites on the map. So instead of hearing "Are we there yet?" your children will give an authoritative: "That was number five. Three to go!"


Travel Maps