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Words for All Seasons


Children can usher in each season with a lively collage of words that describe it best. They'll need lots of printed materials to search through for their words.
  • The RIF Guide to Encouraging Young Readers
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MATERIALS: Construction paper, seasonal catalogs, newspapers and magazines, scissors, glue.

Give children construction paper (they can choose a seasonal color) and a collection of newspapers, magazines, junk mail, and colorful seasonal catalogs from stores. First, they label their paper with the name of the current or approaching season. Then they look through the printed materials for words to describe it. Words and phrases are cut out and pasted on the page. If they want to use words that they can't find in print, there's no reason why they can't write them in. What to do with the finished product? Perhaps kids would like to fold them and send them as seasonal greeting cards, hang them in a window, or use them to fashion wall calendars. Pre-readers can make a picture collage along the same lines. Label a piece of construction paper with the name of the current season or the upcoming season. Then sit with your young ones and look through publications for pictures that remind them of that season. Encourage them to cut out the pictures, then position and paste them.

Words for All Seasons