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A Girl Named Disaster by Nancy Farmer. 
A coming-of-age novel based in Mozambique, where an unwanted girl named Disaster sets out alone to find her long-lost father. A great adventure.

South Africa
No Turning Back by Beverley Naidoo.
When abuse at home becomes too much for 12-year-old Sipho, he runs away to the streets of Johannesburg and learns to survive in the post-apartheid world.

The Ear, the Eye and the Arm by Nancy Farmer. 
A futuristic adventure that takes place in Zimbabwe.

The Warm Place by Nancy Farmer. 
Ruva, a young female giraffe, is kidnapped and shipped to a poorly kept zoo in America. She is determined to return to Africa and find her mother. Some reviewers have compared this story with James and the Giant Peach.