Reading Is Fundamental


All children deserve to have books to call their own, and RIF’s flagship Books for Ownership program ensures that kids living in poverty not only have access to new, free books, but the potential to achieve the brightest possible future.

Books For Ownership

The Power of Choice

At reading celebrations held multiple times each year, RIF kids choose new books and participate in reading activities with teachers, parents, volunteers, and community members. The books are free, but the moments are priceless. These events educate, build community, and inspire children to make greater choices for themselves – to choose learning, and to choose success in school and life.

Targeted Outreach

With the help of hundreds of thousands of RIF volunteers across the country, we bring the joy of reading and learning to children living in our nation’s most underserved communities. With RIF programs established throughout the country in schools, Head Start programs, community centers, health clinics, migrant camps, and homeless shelters, we are reaching children wherever they are in need. To date, we have given 412 million books to more than 40 million children.

Low-Cost, High-Impact

Through partnerships with book publishers and distributors, we maximize the impact of every dollar and donation. For the $20 you might pay for a new book at a bookstore, we can deliver eight high-quality books to kids in need. With a monthly gift of $25, you can help us give over 100 books over the course of a year to the children who need them most.