Reading Is Fundamental


Books are the building blocks for a better future. They foster the imagination, expand our understanding of the world, empower and comfort us, and fuel a lifelong love of learning.

For 50 years, RIF has commanded the longest-running Books for Ownership program in the country, placing new, free, high-quality books into the hands of kids who need them most.

Our goal is not only to distribute books to kids who need them, but to ignite a passion for learning. When children develop a love of reading, they become better students and more aware of and engaged in the world around them.

Access and Choice are Pillars for Success

Giving books to children who do not have access to them is a worthy endeavor. And we give children the opportunity to choose which books they get to keep and cherish. Access to and choice of books is one of the simplest and most effective approaches to helping close the achievement gap.

RIF utilizes its experience and expertise to motivate and inspire young children to read.

It’s not just the books we distribute that make such an impact. We provide learning resources to parents and teachers to help the children in their lives discover the magic and power of books all year round. LEARN MORE