Celebrate the Winter Holidays!

Celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Winter Solstice

Stories are a great way to introduce students to important cultural celebrations in December. Our collection of lesson plans, activities, puzzles, read aloud videos, and leveled reading passages are aligned to some of the most beloved children's books. 

Written by T.E. McMorrow

Set in New York City during the height of the Harlem Renaissance, The Nutcracker in Harlem depicts...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Chris Van Allsburg

The classic story of a boy who travels by train to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus and receive...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Barbara Brown

What's a girl to do? A moose is parked in her backyard, eating the tree near her favorite blue...

PreK - 3rd

Written by Eric A. Kimmel

Hershel of Ostropol shows up to a small village and out-smarts the pesky goblins who have taken over. A creative retelling of a traditional Hanukkah story.

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Rhonda Gowler Greene

When Santa eats so many sweet treats that he can't get back up the chimney, a family cat and dog...

Pre-K - 2nd

Written by Susan Jeffers

A beautifully illustrated re-telling of the classic Christmas Eve tale. Susan Jeffers brings to life the adventures of Clara, the Mouse King, and the Sugar Plum fairies.

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Stephanie Shaw

Curl up this Christmas with a heartwarming twist on the tradition of leaving cookies for Santa. Children will love the pictures accompanying the adventures of a brave gingerbread man.

1st - 4th

Written by Marty Rhodes Figley

Santa's got his list and he's checked it twice, but remembering to wear underwear wasn't on the list! This lighthearted, humorous tale will have children giggling and cheering for the helpful elves.

K - 2nd

Written by Virginia Kroll

Willie's grandrather encourages him to pursue his love of music (especially drumming) and his...

K - 3rd

Written by Marie Hall Ets and Aurora Labastida

In this delightful Mexican story of Christmas, readers will follow Ceci as she awaits her Mexican...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Ezra Jack Keats

Peter ventures out into the snow and marvels at the tracks he makes, the snowman he builds, and the...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Raymond Briggs

James built a magnificent snowman, and in his imagination, the snowman has a life of his own. But...

K - 2nd

Written by Ruth Robbins

Baboushka is an old woman who lives a simple life in Russia. One cold winter night, three lavishly...

Pre-K - 2nd

Written by James & Joseph Bruchac

Rabbit is impatient. He wants things when he wants things and right now he wants to see some snow!...

Pre-K - K

Written by Sandra Markle

A rare look the endangered life of snow leopards in Pakistan. A mother leopard helps her newborn cubs learn life lessons of survival and what it will take to be able to go out on their own.

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by John Rocco

What would you do if it snowed for two whole days and you woke up to snow piled up past your front...

Pre-K - K