Support Students With Read for Success

Read for Success is an evidence-based reading intervention program to improve reading proficiency. Developed to target an area known to educators -- children who are not engaged readers are at-risk in falling behind their peers. And, as children progress through school, it becomes increasingly difficult to catch up. Reading is Fundamental’s research shows that if this achievement gap is not addressed, students can fall behind as much as three years by the end of fifth grade.

Read for Success is the proven solution. Over 57% of students enrolled in Read for Success showed improvement in reading skills. Tested results show that when children have access to books and enjoy reading, they read more. And, when children read more, they become more accomplished readers. Combining engaging content, STEAM activities, and encouraging student choice in reading promote skills children will need to succeed in the 21st century. Read for Success includes: 

  • 35 award-winning classroom books
  • Printed teachers guide and activities
  • Implementation strategies for year-round engagement
  • 8 books for each child to choose
  • Online professional development

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‘Placing targeted, high-interest books with STEAM focus in the hands of children is brilliant.’
-Patrick Pope, Principal, Friendship Technology Preparatory Middle PCS, Washington DC

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