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Happy Thanksgiving from RIF's President and CEO

Thanksgiving is that special time of year that we devote to being grateful for the many gifts we have in our lives (and to turkey, of course!). While other gifts can come and go, one priceless, lifelong gift is reading -- a powerful skill that opens doors to endless opportunities.

For those of us helping the children in our lives learn to read, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing their eyes light up when choosing their favorite book, or when they recognize a new word, or when they recited the alphabet. For these children, there are countless moments of inspiration and discovery and all are critical to their reading journey.

Unfortunately, there are 25 million children in America today whose reading journey will end by 4th grade. 65% of children entering 4th grade are not reading proficiently. These children need our help.

That’s why this Thanksgiving, on behalf of Reading is Fundamental and the children we serve, I am extending a heartfelt thank you to you - our community of literacy advocates, educators, donors, corporate partners, and volunteers. We cannot reach these children alone.

Together, we impacted the lives of over 20 million children this year by providing access to books and literacy support materials in both print and digital formats. You are our partners in creating readers and inspiring futures!

Happy Thanksgiving!