Reading materials that support social and emotional learning, brought to you by Reading Is Fundamental.

Childhood is a critical time for developing social and emotional skills and competencies that help shape children’s thoughts, feelings, and actions to succeed in life. This special collection from Reading Is Fundamental, aims to support the teaching of social and emotional learning, is aligned with prominent SEL programs such as Second Step ®, Tools of the Mind ®, Responsive Classroom ®, and more. The materials you’ll find in this center focus on four domains that are consistent across top SEL programs: Cognitive, Emotion, Social, and Identity & Values. 

Reading Is Fundamental is committed to ensuring that every child can read, a mission supported by our SEL collection. The stories and activities in this collection will help children develop their understanding of themselves and the world while having fun and building their literacy skills, too!

Tips & Tools

Resources to help you engage young children in reading about social and emotional learning topics. From read-aloud activities to suggestions for tracking success, this section helps you help them.

Research & Rationale

The importance of social and emotional learning is well-documented and supported by a broad spectrum of research. This area includes curated material that presents the research and rationale behind the focus on these core skills in children.