Reading materials that support social and emotional learning, brought to you by Reading Is Fundamental.


Some of the most important things children learn about in their early school years are their feelings and the feelings of others. Often overwhelming, the ability to recognize and name feelings is a powerful determinant of behavior and experience. This collection has a wide range of resources and materials that highlight complex human emotions and teach children how to handle them.

Kids drawing together
Books & Resources

We’ve curated a special selection of feelings-related resources for you to use with children. From the most exuberant to the quietest reflective books and the resources that support them, you’ll find this collection particularly touching.

Kids' Activity Center

Let the young children in your life explore resources about feelings on their own. This vetted, safe, and appropriate set of activities – including coloring pages, puzzles, and videos – is ready for kids in grades Pre-K to 8 to use independently.