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Identity & Values

Identity and values vary from person to person, family to family, and culture to culture. The literature and corresponding lessons in this domain explore the beliefs, values, attitudes, mindsets, and motivations that influence how individuals view and understand themselves, the world, and the relationship between the two. Expanding children’s understanding of identity and values helps them better understand people’s behaviors and actions.

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Books & Resources

We’ve curated a special selection of identity & values-related resources for you to use with children and as a reminder for all of us. From the characteristics that make each of us unique to the qualities that define a culture, these books and the resources that support them help children better understand their social world and the people in it.

Kids' Activity Center

Let the young children in your life explore resources about identity & values on their own. This vetted, safe, and appropriate set of activities – including puzzles, games, and more – are ready for kids in grades Pre-K to 8 to use independently.