Reading materials that support social and emotional learning, brought to you by Reading Is Fundamental.


One of the most important milestones in childhood is learning how to interact with peers and adults which is built through an understanding of social cues, conflict resolution, and cooperation. Developing social skills allows children to practice empathy, listen to each other, and enjoy spending time together. The resources and materials on this topic shine a spotlight on the importance of relationships for a happy and fulfilling life.

Kids talking in a group
Books & Resources

We’ve curated a special selection of social-related resources for you to use with children of all ages and adults too. From especially lovely and poignant books to literacy resources that support the titles, you’ll find this collection particularly sweet.

Kids' Activity Center

Let the young children in your life explore resources about relationships on their own. This vetted, safe, and appropriate set of activities – including puzzles, games, and more – are ready for kids in grades Pre-K to 8 to use independently.