Race, Equity, and Inclusion (REI)

Using the power of books for positive impact and change.

Our Commitment

  1. Provide diverse books and reading resources to under-served Black and Brown children to provide the fundamental building blocks that empower all children the opportunity to reach their potential and to see themselves and a reflection of their experiences in the books they read.
  2. Offer a breadth and depth of books to children nationwide, ensuring every child sees a reflection of others, diverse views and experiences to open up their world and provide an opportunity for books to be platforms for self-awareness, growth, empathy and tolerance.
  3. Provide meaningful resources for parents and caregivers, community members and educators to encourage honest, sensitive discussions about race, justice, and inclusion and harness the power of reading to drive systemic change.

REI National Advisory Board (NAB)

RIF is honored to be guided in our work by a National Advisory Board comprised of diverse voices and subject matter experts.

Charnaie Gordon

Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Here Wee Read

Dr. Violet Harris

Professor Emerita, Curriculum & Instruction, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Nicole Johnson

Owner, Extraordinary Changes

Dolores B. Malcolm

Former President, International Reading Association; Former President, RIF of St. Louis; Adjunct Professor, Reading, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Carmen Rubin

Author; Founder, One Blue Village; Founder & President, Peppermint Candy Publishing

Don Tate

Author & Illustrator

If you are an educator, parent, community partner, advocate or volunteer and want to share your thoughts, make a donation, and join in our efforts to use the power of literacy to address systemic racism and create equity please contact us at LiteracyNetwork@RIF.org or donate today.