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Explore and Use RIF Resources:

RIF Resources Provide Information and Inspiration

Literary Resources offers a wealth of support and information about reading and children. The myriad choices reflect our determination to provide teachers and parents with current trends in education, down-to-earth suggestions on reading in the home, and no-nonsense strategies to improve children’s reading.

The Activities section features scores of learning opportunities for every age group and skill level through various activities, such as cultural heritage, drama, and writing.

Our Booklists provide topic suggestions—from Early Literacy to Multicultural Books and Motivating Young Readers.

The Articles section is a treasure trove of insight and inspiration for teachers and parents, exploring diverse literacy topics such as reading aloud, having fun at museums, and creating home libraries.

Our Brochures are easy-to-read guides offering tips for reading with preschoolers and choosing the right books for youngsters.

The Multicultural literacy resources are at the heart of RIF's Multicultural Literacy Campaign. They provide children windows to other cultures and mirrors of their own experience. 

Literacy Resources