Literacy Tracker

A Free Formative Assessment Tool

RIF’s free and easy-to-use Literacy Tracker Tool enables educators and families to quickly check students’ reading progress throughout the year and help students find recommended books matched to their interests and reading level.

Using adaptive, low-stakes reading challenges based on student self-selected interests, this tool informs educators and families on students’ reading progress over time. Literacy Tracker provides reading performance reports to help inform instructional decisions and tailored book lists to encourage independent reading in school and at home.

A student-centered, user-friendly tool designed to complement and enhance a school’s existing literacy curriculum, educators and families can use Literacy Tracker to increase:

  • Use of formative assessment data to provide a feedback loop and help design personalized reading strategies for students;
  • Awareness and understanding of students’ reading needs between tri-annual benchmark assessments;
  • Students’ awareness of their reading performance in relation to tasks;
  • Literacy skills in the areas of vocabulary and language development; and
  • Students’ reading frequency, motivation and engagement to ultimately, increase reading achievement
Literacy Tracker Dashboard Demo

Access for your student(s) is tied to your teacher or parent account and information is never shared beyond your account.

For a detailed overview, please download the Literacy Tracker User Guide or view our Tutorial Video.

To get started using Literacy Tracker today, be sure you’re logged into or create a new Literacy Central account.