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RIF's Summer of Action-Packed Pages

Keep your children reading and active all summer long with Reading Is Fundamental’s (RIF) Action-Packed Pages summer reading program. Books are educational and fun, and they provide inspiration to try and discover new things. Whether trying a new recipe, sport, hobby, craft, or more, join RIF this summer to get your child reading and engaging with books in all new ways. 

Use RIF’s summer book collections to create an action-packed summer for your child. Begin by taking our RIF Action-Packed Pages summer reading pledge to commit your family to reading throughout the summer. Model reading by enjoying a book of your own interest, practice reading by sharing a read-aloud with your young reader, and encourage reading together by reading the same book and discussing or doing a related activity with your children.


Take the RIF Action-Packed Pages Pledge

Readers, take your mark, get set, and GO!

Get started by downloading these summer fun activities offered by RIF including a reading log to help your child track the books they read. To help find exciting books to read, explore eight recommended book collections available on this site. For each collection you will also find a corresponding activity to extend the fun beyond the book and create an action-packed summer adventure.  

Action-Packed Pages Read-Alouds

Summer 2024 Read Aloud Books
Karly O' Brien

Read-Aloud with Karly from RIF

When: Every Friday, 
from June 28th until August 23rd
(except July 5th)

1 P.M. ET and 3 P.M. ET

Sharing a read-aloud is one of the most action-packed ways children can experience a book. Reading together starts children on a path to obtaining the necessary reading skills to become proficient, interested, and hopefully lifelong readers. 

Join our weekly live read-alouds with Karly, RIF's Content Developer who is a former classroom teacher. Each week, Karly will share a read-aloud from one of our eight summer collections. Visit this page each Friday and click on the "Watch Here" button.

Action-Packed Book Collections and Activities

Each of the eight carefully curated collections feature thematic, recommended books along with related activities and resources. Each collection also includes a recommended activity anchored on the theme to take your child beyond the book and create greater engagement.

Click on each book title for additional book-related resources and activities below. Each action-packed activity is listed first followed by book suggestions. There is also a printable book list found on each collection page.


To see the full collection, click here.

ACTIVITY: Dune Buggies Skybrary Video

Take off through the sand and explore another way things move. Hold onto your seat and watch this Skybrary video on dune buggies to see a full day of sand, speed, and adventure.

Tía Isa Wants a Car

While Tía Isa wants to save money for a car that will take the whole family to the beach, her niece does odd jobs for neighbors.

Transportation!: How People Get Around

From cars and trains to planes and boats, people all around the world have developed diverse means and methods of travel.

Ride, Fly Guy, Ride!

Dad takes Fly Guy and Buzz for a car ride, but in a funny and wacky turn of events, Fly Guy is blown out of the car window and into a passing truck, where he lands in the driver's mouth!

My Librarian Is a Camel: How Books Are Brought to Children Around the World

In many remote areas of the world, there are no library buildings. In many countries, books are delivered in unusual ways.

¡Vámonos! Let’s Go!

The exciting noises that vehicles make, from a motorcycle to an ambulance, are presented in an English-Spanish update of the sing-along favorite, “The Wheels on the Bus.”

Under the Stars

To see the full collection, click here.
ACTIVITY: Create a Constellation ⬇

No need to be afraid of the dark; fun things happen when the stars are out! Use this action-packed activity to enjoy the night sky.

Fatima’s Great Outdoors

The school week might not have gone as planned, but outdoors, Fatima can achieve anything.

Sky Gazing: A Guide to the Moon, Sun, Planets, Stars, Eclipses, and Constellations

The sun, moon, stars, and planets have been a source of wonder for as long as humans have lived on earth.

After Dark: Poems about Nocturnal Animals

This collection of twenty-two poems explores the fascinating lives of North American nocturnal animals.

In the Night Garden

In the night garden, nothing is as it seems and everything is made new.

The Night Flower: The Blooming of Saguaro Cactus

An exquisitely illustrated nonfiction picture book about a desert flower that blooms for just one night a year.

Lights, Camera, Action!

To see the full collection, click here.

ACTIVITY: Make a Book with Fionna Video

Enjoy arts and crafts with a Make Your Own Book activity. RIF staff member, Fionna, shares how to create a book using everyday things around your home.

Many Shapes of Clay: A Story of Healing

Eisha lives with her mother, a ceramic artist, who helps her make a special shape out of a piece of clay.

Rainbow Weaver

Rainbow Weaver/Tejedora del Arcoiris is a story about perseverance, community, and the ancient Mayan art of weaving.

Family Dynamics: Embrace Your Sound

Violin always hears beautiful music throughout the music store where she lives, but she can never make the same sounds. Join Violin on this music store adventure!


Mo Willems, a number one New York Times best-selling author and illustrator, composes a powerful symphony of chance, discovery, persistence, and magic in this moving tale of a young girl's journey to center stage.

Alaina and the Great Play

With the guileless wonder and innocence of a little girl, Alaina is profoundly changed by the performance.

Energize and Exercise

To see the full collection, click here.

ACTIVITY: Mindful Moment with Dianne Video

Ready, reset! Join RIF staff member, Dianne, for a quick video sharing how any time is a great time for a short and sweet mindful moment.

The Listening Walk

A little girl and her father take a quiet walk and identify the sounds around them. Soon the girl discovers an extraordinary world of sounds in her everyday environment.

From Head to Toe

A colorful and energetic board book that will have young readers clapping their hands, stomping their feet, and wiggling their toes!

Flora and the Flamingo

Flora and her graceful flamingo friend wordlessly explore the trials and joys of friendship through an elaborate synchronized dance.

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Gerald the giraffe longs to go to the great Jungle Dance, but how can he join in when he doesn't know how to tango or two-step?

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one. Will you come too?

Fun in the Kitchen

To see the full collection, click here.

ACTIVITY: Reading Recipes with RIF ⬇

Use this action-packed activity kit to consider new recipes, plan a week of meals, and most of all make smiles in the kitchen.

Bring Me Some Apples and I’ll Make You a Pie

Long before the natural-food movement gained popularity, Edna Lewis championed purity of ingredients, regional cuisine, and farm-to-table eating.

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)

The story of the industrious Little Red Hen is not a new one, but when this particular hen spies a can of tomato sauce in her cupboard and decides to make a pizza, the familiar tale takes on a fresh new twist.

The Runaway Wok

When a boy goes to the market to buy food and comes home with an old wok instead, his parents wonder what they'll eat for dinner.

Gazpacho for Nacho

Nacho likes to eat only one thing―gazpacho! Nacho won’t even try other dishes―until he discovers miles and piles of mouthwatering vegetables at the market.

Peeny Butter Fudge

There is no one like Nana in the whole wide world. She is the best. Nana knows how to take an ordinary afternoon and make it extra special!

Imagination and Invention

To see the full collection, click here.

ACTIVITY: Re-Imagine Imagination ⬇

Now is the time to imagine and invent! Use this action-packed activity to inspire and create your next big idea.

Rylee the Young Rocketeer

As Rylee assembles her rocket with components and unravels the mysteries of outer space, your child will be immersed in a world of imagination and discovery.

What Will We Build Today?

Pretend play is key for these characters who show readers how easy it is to turn everyday household objects into fantastic, creative playscapes.

Five Notable Inventors

These inspiring chapter-book biographies follow the lives of influential and talented African Americans, detailing the obstacles they overcame in achieving their great accomplishments.

Kid Innovators: True Tales of Childhood from Inventors and Trailblazers

Moving, funny, and totally true childhood biographies of Bill Gates, Madam C. J. Walker, Hedy Lamarr, Walt Disney, and 12 other international innovators.


With this illustrated poem of endless possibility, Juan Felipe Herrera and Lauren Castillo breathe magic into the hopes and dreams of readers searching for their place in life.

Young Authors

To see the full collection, click here.

ACTIVITY: Design Your Own Graphic Novel/Story Starter ⬇

Be left to write when you use this story starter template to create your first graphic novel. Put your action-packed ideas down on the page and watch them take shape.

Race to Kindness

From giving meaningful compliments to sharing your snack to donating used clothes, there are so many ways to be kind that it can be tough to know where to start! Luckily, author and fellow kid Orion Jean has some simple steps we can all take to make the world a better place.

Kofi Chronicles

She wakes up with a smile every day, ready to go to school, and imagines a million different jobs she wants to have. But when Kofi tries an unexpected camp for the first time, her life changes.

Parker Shines On: Another Extraordinary Moment

This inspirational picture book has an afterword by prima ballerina and New York Times bestselling author Misty Copeland.

Kylo Finds A Friend

A lovely rhyming story which encourages children to push past their shyness and make new friends.


"I Am Not" is not only a short poem. It is a movement. This book is for all ages who is and was subject to any form of bullying.

Ready, Set, Play!

To see the full collection, click here.

ACTIVITY: Make a Board Game with Dannah Video

It is YOU for the win when you watch this action-packed video of RIF staff member, Dannah, sharing how to make your very own board game with complete directions start to finish.

Jazzy in the Jungle (The Hide–and–Seek Adventures!)

Where are you, Baby Jazzy? Jazzy the lemur and Mama JoJo love to play hide-and-seek in the jungle.

My Video Game Ate My Homework

Follow Dewey on an amazing adventure that leads him and his friends to a virtual world where they will have to overcome all sorts of digital creatures and solve a number of puzzles in order to get home.

Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy!

Super Rabbit Boy is the strongest, bravest, fastest animal in all the land...and he's also the star in a video game.

What’s What: A Guessing Game

What's cold and wet, warm and dry, and hard and soft? Why a puppy, of course!

The Friendship Code (Girls Who Code)

Lucy can't wait to join the coding club at her school, but when she's put in a working group with girls she doesn't know, her excitement turns to disappointment.

More Opportunities to Read

Reading Takes You Places

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Make Summer Even More Action-Packed with These RIF Resources!

Daily Book Bites

Book Bites Calendar

Here are some other fun ways to encourage your child to read each day. Our monthly literacy calendars offer Daily Book Bites with thematic activities, suggested titles, and fun holidays to encourage creativity and fun around daily reading.

Spend Time Reading Together

Parent and child reading together

Make the most of your time reading together by exploring RIF's read-aloud resources and tips including a Read-Aloud Guide (available in English and Spanish). This guide shares best practices to make reading aloud engaging, informative, and most of all, fun.

Share Your Summer Reading with RIF

You are invited to show the fun you have experienced this summer through books. Post a photo or video of your child’s Action-Packed Pages where you take a book and bring it to life. Use the following handles to tag RIF and use these hashtags: #ReadWithRIF, #RIFActionPackedPages, #JoyofReading and #ReadingJoy.