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It's important for children to read books that reflect their own lives, families, and cultures and also books that accurately reflect the world around them in all its diversity. A wide variety of reading material helps children develop positive social identities and build literacy skills.

This center's goal is to support educators and families as they learn more about the value of diverse books. Our resources will help you assess your current collection of books, identify diverse books to add to your evolving bookshelves, and incorporate practical suggestions for supporting students with positive reading experiences.

To learn more about the many resources available on this REI Center, watch our video for a short tour on each section.

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Tips & Tools

Use these resources to deepen your understanding of and practice with diverse children's literature, both in the classroom and at home.

Research & Rationale

Research backs up the need for diversity in children's literature. The materials in this section underscore the importance of giving children literature that reflects their experiences and provides a window into the experiences of others.