Welcome to Skybrary! Kids Read Free for One Month.


Instant access to nearly 1,000 carefully selected children's books from celebrated authors and leading publishers.


Further enhancing the reading experience, interactive animations add an extra engagment for young readers.


Featuring the voices of LeVar Burton and other storytellers, every Skybrary book features narration - or read on your own!

Read Anytime, Anywhere!

Skybrary is a carefully curated digital library of interactive books and educational videos designed for young readers.
Interested in Skybrary for school? We have that too! 

Designed For Children

Colorful and happy themed islands with simple navigation allow for easy child exploration. Safe and completely ad-free environment.

Worlds of Adventure

In Skybrary, children pilot their own hot air balloon through 7 fun and fantastical islands, each home to a thrilling variety of curated books and video adventures. 

Video Field Trips

LeVar Burton is your enthusiastic host in these exclusive video adventure your child will love!

Ever-Expanding Library

Skybrary is a resource that grows with your child! Something new is always being added or improved upon, making for a great adventure with every log-in.

Check out Skybrary's book collection.

Parent Dashboard

Track their progress with our easy-to-use dashboard. You can review your child's progress and find book recommendations. 

Sticker Game

If you are an iPad/iPhone or web user, you can build worlds of your own as your child reads to earn stickers. 

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But you don't have to take our word for it!

"Not only do my kids love it, I mean LOVE IT, I can trust all the content in this app."

“There are tons of children's books, brilliant graphics, a smidgen of animation and each book is narrated."

"We already have several Ebook websites we use, but in my opinion, none is as engaging or offers the same high quality content as Skybrary."

Skybrary Exploration Videos

Your children can take an adventure every day on one of our seven Skybrary Islands full of engaging books, videos and activities. To help you navigate each island, we offer these Skybrary Explorations to provide a quick overview of each island and to highlight some of our favorite books and videos we think you and your children will enjoy.