Auto Technician (21st Century Skills Library: Cool Vocational Careers)

Written by Ellen Labrecque

Did you know that auto technicians gather clues and solve a variety of technical mysteries everyday? When your car won't start, or your engine is making a funny sound - auto technicians are people who can diagnose the cause of the problem in order to get you back on the road quickly and safely. But how does an auto technician figure out the root of the problem? And how does he/she fix the problem? What types of tools and technology do they use, and how do they learn their trade? If you're curious to learn more about this tech-saavy, problem-solving vocational career, this book is a great place to start. At the back of the book, readers will find critical thinking questions to encourage further exploration of industry-specific issues; additional suggested books/websites; a glossary of terms; and an index.

Age Range 9 - 12 years
Copyright Year
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Cherry Lake Publishing
Grade Level 4th - 7th
Lexile 890