DKfindout! Animals

Written by Andrea Mills

From the creators of DK findout!, the free online resource for kids, comes an exciting new book series full of amazing images, incredible quizzes, and cutting-edge information kids need to know. The DKfindout! series helps kids become experts on their favorite subjects—from dinosaurs to space. Learning doesn't get more fun. Jump into the animal kingdom with DKfindout! Animals. Which animal sleeps the most? Who is the highest on the food chain? What is the difference between a mammal and an amphibian? Learn the answers to these questions and more! DKfindout! Animals takes readers on a tour of different habitats and homes of animals, showing how each one lives differently to survive. Discover the different diets of carnivores and herbivores, meet lazy sloths, learn how camouflage works, and see how animals have adapted to their environments. Pull out the special cover flaps to see extra information about animals and take a quiz about everything in the book. Filled with bright, quirky images and amazing facts, DKfindout! Animals is an exciting trip on the wild side. Learn more about animals—or anything else!—at, a free educational website for kids to have fun with information and to expand their knowledge.

Age Range 6 - 9 years
Copyright Year
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Grade Level 1st - 4th
Lexile 920