DKfindout! Energy

Written by Emily Dodd

From light and heat to magnetism and electricity, explore energy with this children’s book full of photographs and illustrations, fascinating facts, and engaging challenges—from the creators of, DK’s free online resource for kids. Did you know that lighting can be more than five times hotter than the surface of the sun? Or that the world’s most powerful wind turbine has blades longer than nine buses? Find out why! Perfect for energetic young scientists who want a highly visual STEM book to increase their science know-how, DKfindout! Energy is sure to inspire the next amazing science fair project or school report. Inside, author Emily Dodd breaks down what energy is and why it's so important.

Age Range 6 - 9 years
Copyright Year
Page Count
Grade Level 1st - 4th
9781465470959, 9781465474452
Lexile 890