Invasion of the Ufonuts (The Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut)

Written and Illustrated by Laurie Keller

Arnie finds himself in trouble when his neighbor, Loretta Schmoretta, begins telling news reporters that she was the victim of an alien abduction. And not just any aliens―alien doughnuts from outer spastry, who will continue the abductions until people stop eating doughnuts! Although Arnie thinks this is a ridiculous story, he notices that everyone is treating him differently, as if he is an alien doughnut rather than just a doughnut-dog. And then Arnie gets abducted! Arnie must think fast in order to rescue his fellow doughnuts and the townspeople from the alien invaders.

Age Range 7 - 10 years
Copyright Year
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Square Fish
Grade Level 2nd - 5th
Lexile 730