Written by Temple West

Caitlin is your typical orphan...angry and grieving. After her mother dies of bone cancer, she's uprooted to Stony Creek, a pitiful excuse for a town in the rural mountains of upstate New York. Stuck living on her aunt and uncle's struggling horse ranch, Caitlin vows to simply survive until she graduates high school. Then, it's on to New York so she can become a designer and start her own line. But shortly after arriving in Stony Creek, a freak storm lands her right in the middle of vampires, demons, and age-old secrets. The only person she can trust? Adrian, the vampire who rescued her - the one who has to pretend to be her boyfriend in order to keep his status as her personal bodyguard under wraps. In a small town, it's not long before some secrets get real big.

Age Range 12 - 18 years
Copyright Year
Page Count
Swoon Reads
Grade Level 6th - 12th
Lexile 750