White Fang (Graphic Classics)

Written by Tom Ratliff (adapter) and Jack London (Author) and Illustrated by Penko Gelev

Barron's Graphic Classics are graphic novels that introduce young readers to immortal literary works. High-quality color illustrations dramatize famous stories that are retold with dialogue balloons and short narrative passages that capture the spirit of the original novels or plays. Set in Canada's Yukon Territory during great gold rush that occurred in the 1890s, White Fang tells the dramatic story of a mixed breed wolf-dog that is rescued from near-death by a kindhearted gold prospector. The new master then nurtures the great animal to health, tames it, and thus gains a true friend and stalwart companion.

Age Range 8 - 12 years
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Barron's Educational Series
Grade Level 3rd - 7th