A Chair For My Mother: Reading Adventure Pack

Reading Rockets
This Reading Rockets Adventure Pack is designed to support reading activities at home. We’ve chosen a fiction and nonfiction book about money, appropriate for a third grade listening level, and included related activities to encourage some hands-on fun and learning. Just assemble the packet in a two gallon zip top bag, and send home with your students. Reading Rockets carefully chose books that are widely available and appealing to young readers. The titles selected should be available in your school library. If the two featured titles are not available, or you prefer another title, feel free to substitute books related to the theme. You’ll find a list of suggested alternative titles included in the bookmark. The featured books are A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams and Money (Eyewitness Books) by Joe Cribb. A Chair for My Mother offers a touching lesson about the rewards of hard work, thrift, and savings. Rosa, her mother, and her grandmother lost all their possessions in a fire. While generous friends and family members help them begin to refurnish their apartment, they long for a comfortable chair. Together, they work and save until they have enough money to bring home the most beautiful chair in the world. In Money, detailed, full-color photographs help explain the history of money and how coins and paper money are made. There are also interesting facts about money, a look at currency around the world and tips on coin collecting. To explore more Reading Adventure Packs, visit Reading Rockets at http://www.readingrockets.org/article/reading-adventure-packs-families