Adventure Island

Elena and Marco ran along the dirt path. Adventure Island was so cool! It had a boat and a waterfall. It had underground tunnels. They could explore here all day.

But they didn’t have all day to find the treasure chest. They had to find it in 30 minutes in order to get the prize. They were sure they could win.

Elena looked at the map. They had to get to the giant X.  “Let’s find the boat,” she said. “Then we can ride it down the river.”

Elena took off running again. Marco followed behind her. They got to the boat and jumped in. “Row!” said Marco.

Soon they heard a loud whooshing sound. “It’s the waterfall!” said Marco.

“Quick!” said Elena. “We have to pull over.”

They used their oars to push the boat toward the shore. They got out as fast as they could. Then they watched the boat. It went down the river and over the falls.

“That was close!” said Marco.

Elena looked at the map again. “I think we go this way now,” she said.

Marco looked too. “Towards the tunnels!” he said. He couldn’t wait to go underground.

They got to the tunnels and put on their headlamps. “Down we go!” said Elena.

It was dark and spooky. Elena saw a bat. She held Marco’s hand.

Marco used his headlamp to read the map. “To the right,” he said. “Now left.”

Elena looked at the map too. “It looks like it should be over here,” she said.

The tunnel ended in a big cave. They looked around on the ground. But they didn’t see a treasure chest.

Then Marco looked up. “There!” he said.

The chest was sitting on a rocky shelf. It was half way up the cave wall.

“How will we reach it?” asked Elena.

“I’ll give you a boost,” said Marco.

Elena reached the treasure chest. She brought it down. “Yay!” said Marco and Elena. “We won!”