The Legend of Bigfoot

Mary Johnson lived alone in the woods. She liked living in the mountains. She liked the peace and quiet.


One morning, while doing dishes, Mary looked out her window. CRASH! The dish she was washing broke as it landed in the sink. She saw a large, furry shape outside and ducked below the window.


Mary went to another window and peeked through the curtain. What she saw was unlike any animal she’d ever seen. Dark hair covered it from head to toe. It was tall and strong. It stood and walked on two legs. Not at all like how a bear walks when standing on its hind legs. It was more like a person walking.


There are many stories just like this out there. They are stories about Bigfoot sightings.


Bigfoot is an American legend. He isn’t real, but many people still believe in him. People write books about Bigfoot sightings. Some go out into the woods to search for him.


No one has ever found proof that Bigfoot exists. Some take pictures that they claim show Bigfoot. But these are always a bit too blurry. No one has found hairs or remains, either. Not even a big footprint.


Over the years, there have been a lot of hoaxes. There are videos that claim to show Bigfoot. But later, it turns out that Bigfoot was really just a man in an ape costume. Some people have claimed that they found the body of a dead Bigfoot. They charged people money to see the body. But it always turns out to be a fake. The body is made out of something like rubber and camel hair.


Yet the sightings continue. Stories pop up here and there every few years. People describe seeing an animal that can’t be anything other than Bigfoot. Normal people, too. Not just the kinds of people that are seeking attention.


So what do you believe? Is Bigfoot out there?