Cinder Eddie

What if Cinderella Was a Boy?


Cinder Eddie was poor. He lived with his stepfather and stepbrothers. They were mean to him. They were also lazy. They made him do all the cooking and cleaning. They made him sleep on the floor by the fireplace.

A letter arrived from the queen. It invited them to come to a ball. It invited everyone in the house to come to the ball. Cinder Eddie could go, too. But first he had to do his chores. Then he had to help his stepfather and stepbrothers get ready. He sewed their suits, shined their shoes, and cleaned up after them.

They were ready for the ball. But Cinder Eddie was not. He had to cook and clean. He had nothing to wear. They left without him.

Cinder Eddie was sad. But then… Poof. His fairy godfather appeared. Poof. He had a new suit. Poof. He had a ride to the ball.

Cinder Eddie met the princess. They fell in love. The clock struck midnight. Cinder Eddie ran out of the castle. His shoes did not fall off. Men’s shoes don’t fall off so easily.

The princess liked him. She wanted to see him again. She didn’t need his shoe to find him. Gross. She just asked around about him. She found his stepbrother. She was nice to him. (He thought she liked him.) She asked for his address. He gave it to her. She went there the next day.

The stepbrother thought she came for him. She didn’t. She came for Cinder Eddie. The princess asked Cinder Eddie to marry her. He said yes. He became a prince. He had lots of fancy suits. He went to lots of fancy parties. He never had to work again. They lived happily ever after.